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Tips for How to Enhance Female Sex

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Who is the best sex partner you’ve ever had?

If you answered anything other than “me” it means you haven’t spent enough time pleasuring yourself. No one else, neither man nor woman, can truly understand your body the way you can. Learning to enhance your masturbation techniques means learning to master the art of self-pleasure. It means knowing how to make yourself feel good whenever and wherever you are – and all you need is your own body. While an orgasm may not always be guaranteed, you can still enjoy the ride.

Being skilled and practiced when it comes to masturbation is like possessing a superpower. It can help you relieve stress, remove tension, relax, sleep better and improve your general mood. Some women use their hands, others search for the best female vibrators. Not only is masturbation good for your physical and mental health, but getting to know your own body through solo sex can also help you enjoy a much more fulfilling sex life with your partner, since you will have a clearer understanding of what gives you pleasure.

xLIVESEXy.com wants to help you enhance your masturbation skills without the need of resorting to instant female arousal pills over the counter. Obviously, there isn’t a right or wrong way to Chat and Sex. Every vagina is different. Regardless, here are some ideas that will take your masturbation game to the next level.

It’s about more than the orgasm

Sex – even without the orgasm – carries a variety of health benefits: stress relief, less painful menstrual cramps, better sleep, brighter skin and an overall happier mood, which naturally leads to a more productive lifestyle. Having orgasms is great, of course, but it’s not mandatory for masturbation. Don’t stress yourself out if you don’t always have one. There’s always next time!

Throw some sex toys into the mix

If you’re looking for new ways to make your solo sex life more interesting, perhaps it’s time to go online and start searching the best female vibrators. As you may expect, there are many options to choose from. Whether it’s a dildo or vibrator, find a toy that works for you and add it to your routine. We’re sure you won’t regret it.

Watch yourself with a mirror

Setting up a mirror and watching yourself while you Chat and Sex can be an exhilarating turn on. What’s more, using a mirror can also be highly educational. A hand-held mirror is a great way to get an up-close-and-personal look at your vulva and identify your clitoris. Take your time to explore all your body parts and discover what gets you going.

It’s all in the brain

Remember this: your most important sex organ is inside your head. For you to get sexually aroused, first your brain must be stimulated. This requires, before anything else, setting the mood. Try finding porn videos that get you horny, perhaps an erotic novel or adult cartoons. Or simply close your eyes and use your imagination.

Switch up positions

More than likely, you’re accustomed to lying on your back and using your hands or a sex toy to stimulate that much cherished G-spot. That’s all fine and good, but moving around and trying different positions can produce different types of sensations. Get on your knees and squeeze your clit against a vibrator, or try masturbating while in a doggystyle position. The difference might astound you!