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How to Shoot Bigger Loads of Sperm

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We wall want to shoot big loads of sticky sperm like those stunt cocks in the porn movies. You

know, the same guys who are able to fuck for hours on end, holding in their loads, then when

it’s time for the cumshot they ejaculate for twenty seconds straight, non-stop jizz shooting out

of their dicks like piss. How do they do it? Is it a special diet? Semen supplements? Or are they

simply born with the ability to shoot massive cumshots at the drop of a hat? Truth be told,

there’s no real answer. What makes some men cum more than others? Even in this day of

advanced medical technology, it still remains a mystery.

For most guys, having a bigger dick would be nice, but shooting bigger loads would be freaking

awesome! When we see dudes in porn movies shoot buckets of sperm when they cum, it

creates unreal expectations. Sadly, most guys do not ejaculate like male pornstars. In fact, the

average load is about as big as a teaspoon (3 – 5 milliliters), according to a study by the World

Health Organization.

If you find that you don’t cum with the same force and quantity as you used to, it’s probably a

sign that you’re growing older. The amount of semen a man ejaculates will decrease as they

age, with the highest level of production appearing between the ages of 30 and 35.

Despite what you may think, shooting lots of cum does not have any known health or fertility

benefits. It’s more of a visual thing – to impress your girlfriend and see the reaction on her face

when you deliver a massive cumshot all over her tits. Sperm volume is not so much about

health as it is about the seminal vesicles. These are the two organs located behind the prostate

that are responsible for semen production. Some men ejaculate large quantities of cum, others

not so much. It’s just the way nature works. But is there anything you can do to pump out

bigger loads? Yes.

Here are four ways to boost your sperm count and shoot massive cumshots:

Drink more fluids

If you want to start ejaculating more cum, start drinking more fluids. Preferably water. The

volume of semen released during an orgasm is directly connected to how much liquid you

ingest. Alcohol, on the other hand, dehydrates your body, therefore decreasing the sperm

count as well as affecting the quality of your semen.

Maintain a healthy weight

Obesity in itself is a serious health risk. Men who are overweight generally have a much lower

sperm count, with some morbidly obese men having no sperm at all. As you lose weight, you

will get healthier and feel better, and your sperm count will naturally increase. Do it for the

massive cumshots, but do it also for your health.

Work out frequently, but don’t overdo it

Working out is great for the body, heart and blood circulation. Regular exercise will keep you

healthy and producing sufficient semen. High-intensity training, however, can be

counterproductive to your sperm count. Go to the gym, work out regularly, but try to take it


Keep that area of your body cool

Your testicles are delicate and should not be exposed to high temperatures. Sitting with your

legs crossed can affect semen and sperm count. When you cross your legs, you’re crushing

your scrotal area against the warmth of your body, which raises the temperature to an above

normal range. Tight underwear should also be avoided, as it also increases the scrotal